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This is my submittion for the

Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2

The theme was:

"You are not alone"

Escape The Facility is a horror game that took me 3 days to make!

Explore around and try to avoid the monster that's lurking in the shadows, and watch out because you're not alone...

All the assets and sounds in the game can be found either on the Unity Asset Store or on one of many free 3D model's websites!


Labyrinth Of The Damned

published 24/08/2022

Updated 2 days ago
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Tags3D, FPS, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity


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Ah mah gawd. I played the game and forgot to let you know, made a lil video < 3 

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the feedback, the window idea sounds really nice, I enjoyed your video :D


< 3


I will be playing this tomorrow live 9/19 around 7 PM EST =D.


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hello i have a question 

what do i do with hammer ? 

and are you still developing updates for this game? I think this game is not over yet

The hammer is supposed to be used to open the last door and finish the game, I'm considering making updates for the game but not at the moment, thank u for playing!

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A short decent horror game. ~3 minutes of playtime.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • For 3 days, that's quite a lot of work!
  • I have found a lot of bugs including getting the entity "stuck". I recommend only doing "jumpscare" triggers once and no more.
  • You found a hammer to break a door, yet you never use it?
  • Why is there a key in the toilet out of all places.
  • I feel as if we were introduced to the enemy too quick, as the first encounter wasn't that scary at all.
  • I wish there were puzzles or an A.I. chase.

Overall, a fairly decent horror game for 3 days. Great job!

The key was supposed to be taken first, u find out the the key doesnt work for the door so ur supposed to use the hammer instead (bad game design on my part), and for the jump scare bugs I know how to fix those I just didnt have the time for it, and yea I guess some parts of the game dont make sense I was just testing out stuff since this is my first 3D game lol

Ty for playing!


Short but not bad for a game jam submission. Made a video on it.


Thank you for playing! I enjoyed watching your video playthrough, it was my first 3D game let alone my first 3D horror game haha, also I didn't notice that I misspelled submission ty for pointing that out lol


Really eerie lighting and visual design, love how it looks!

Thank u so much :D


thank you :)

Thank you for playing! And yes this is a demo, i noticed there was a couple bugs which ill have to fix. About the hammer, it was more of a concept really than practical. Sorry for the confusion lmao